Residential Roofing Repairs Following A Hail Storm

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Hail storms are one of the leading natural occurrences that lead to residential roofing repairs. When there is a hail storm, significant damage can occur to your shingles as well as other parts of your roofing system. These damages may seem minor at first sight. However, the damages caused by hail run deeper than you may think. Here are some of the residential repairs that you may encounter. 

Shingle Replacement

Even with a minor hail storm, you may experience damage to your shingles. When the hail hits your roof, even the smallest hailstone can cause dents or tears in the shingles. These dings and tears can lead to ripped shingles, corrosion, or space for water to enter and begin the water damage process. Your roofing contractor can determine which shingles have that damage and replace those shingles. If the damage is significant, the contractor may need to replace entire sections of the roofing system. 

Gutter Damage

You may not think about your gutters when you think of hail damage and roofing damage. The truth is, your gutter system is considered part of your roofing system. When a hail storm hits your home, it can cause dents and other damage to your gutter system. If there is enough hail, and that hail lasts for a long period of time, you can also see damage to the anchors of the gutters. These damages can cause rust as well as pulling on the roof at the anchor points. If there is pulling at the anchor points, your chances of wood rot at those points increase as well. Your roofing contractor will check your gutters and offer any repairs to help re-anchor them or replace them as needed. 

Ventilation System Damage

Many roofing systems have ventilation systems of some kind. These systems allow proper ventilation to the attic space. This ventilation helps reduce the chances of humidity and build-up of that humidity in the attic space. Without proper ventilation, you can experience mold or significant energy loss. Hail can cause damage to the ventilation fins including dents and bends that will keep the fan from working. Your roofing contractor will need to replace the ventilation system as part of the residential roofing repair. 

If you are experiencing damages from a recent hail storm, contact your roofing contractor. The contractor will assess any damages and determine if there are any residential roofing repairs that are necessary. They will discuss the damages with you and determine if you can file an insurance claim for the repairs. 

For more information, contact a residential roofing repair company near you.

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