How To Determine Whether You Need An Entire Roof Replacement

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If you have been having difficulties with your home's rooftop, you likely want a solution to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Failure to assess the roof appropriately can easily lead to further damage to it. Here are signs that indicate your roof is in need of a full replacement. 

Water Leaks In Your Home Often Or Excessively

Some water leaks are repairable by replacing shingles, adding new pieces of flashing, or upgrading caulk. If leakage continues after repair work is made, however, there is a possibility that you need an entire roof replacement conducted. This is especially necessary if the leaking occurs in several areas of your home. It is best to contact a residential roofer in your area to conduct a full evaluation of your rooftop for you. 

The Roof Has Not Been Replaced In A Long Time

If you do not know when your roof had last been replaced, or if it has been many years since you had it replaced for you, it is wise to find out whether roofing materials are deteriorating under the shingles. This is done by a roofing specialist. The company you hire assesses your roof for areas in need of treatment and determines the age of the materials used to make up your rooftop. Over time, materials decompose, allowing pests and moisture to make their way to the interior portion of your home. If your roof has not been tended to for a long while, consider having it evaluated to determine if new materials are needed to protect your home.

Shingles Have Already Overlapped Many Times

Most roofing companies do not recommend the addition of many layers of shingles on rooftops. While this procedure is allowable a few times to cover shingles, having too many layers leads to excessive weight. This then causes the potential for cave-ins to occur. If you are not sure how many layers already exist on your home and your shingles are in need of replacement, hire a roofing company to check it over to help decide if a replacement is needed.

You Desire An Upgrade To Your Home's Appearance

If you no longer enjoy the look of your home's rooftop or if you are interested in upgrading it with another medium, an entire roof replacement is necessary. A roofing service will help you decide what materials to use to provide your home with complete protection against the elements. This requires a sit-down meeting to go over materials, costs, and features.

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