Why You Should Use A Roofer For Your Tiny Home Guest House

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Tiny homes have expanded over the last few decades. What was once an idea for mobile travel in a smaller space, has now become a more permanent home option for many people. Some homeowners have even chosen to use tiny home plans as a guest house or even a home office option. If you are considering this, you may be considering handling the roof installation yourself. Instead, consider the reasons you should have a roofer handle it for you.


Your roofing system pitch can make a drastic difference in maintaining your roof. It can also make a difference in the type of loft you can have within the tiny home and how the air will flow in that loft. If you go with a higher pitch of the roof, you will find rainwater and snow moving off your roof with less chance of water pooling and damage. The higher pitch will also give you more room for a loft bedroom and a comfortable sleeping area.


Roofing materials can be difficult to place if you have little to no experience with them. You may think you have placed the roofing system correctly, only to find there are gaps or issues with the final placement that can cause energy loss or water damage. Your roofer has experience with a variety of roofing materials and can offer the correct placement as well as the ability to spot any issues you may have early on in the roofing installation. The roofer can also let you know if certain roofing systems would be better or worse for the style of the tiny home and the environmental concerns of the area. 


The roof decking, or foundation, is vital for your roof health. You will need someone with experience in the placement. You will also need someone who is experienced with roof insulation and with working in smaller attic or loft spaces. If you have a plan for skylights on your roof, then you will need someone experienced with the placement of those skylights. In addition, you may also have ventilation options for your roof as well as spaces for pipes or small chimney pipes. Your roofer can handle the decking installation and the installation of these items for you as well. 

When you have the blueprints and the roofing system you want to be picked out, contact your area roofer. They can discuss the options with you and the plans. You can also discuss a price quote to figure in the labor and all of the supplies that will be needed to complete your roofing project. If you have specific needs for your tiny home roof, discuss them with your roofer during the consultation. 

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