Are Roof Tile Chunks Clogging Your Gutters?

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Tile roofs are, overall, a very good choice for most homes. They come with a lot of benefits including a long lifespan and durability against weather. Sometimes, though, people with tile roofs notice an annoying little problem: chunks of tile in the gutters. Here's what you need to know about this issue as a tile roof owner.

What causes roof chunks to accumulate in the gutters?

Tile roofs sometimes start losing chunks as they get older and more brittle. However, it may not be your whole roof that is suffering. You may have had a few pieces of tile damaged in a recent storm. Now, those chunks of loose tile are rinsing down your roof and accumulating in the gutters. If your roof is more than a few decades old, though, it may simply be starting to break down.

Are tile chunks in your gutters something to worry about?

Yes. This is definitely a problem that you need to address for two reasons. First, the tile chunks are likely to clog your gutters. Clogged gutters cannot do a good job of draining your roof and will leave your roof prone to water damage.

Another problem to worry about is the roof itself. Chipped and cracked roof tiles will let some water seep past them. Eventually, this water will erode the underlayment that sits under your tiles and come into contact with your roof deck. At that point, it can cause the roof deck to start molding and rotting.

What should you do about tile chunks in your gutters?

Call a roofer who works on tile roofs. They can go up on the roof, identify the tiles that the chunks have come from, and then replace those tiles. The sooner they do this, the less your risk of a damaged roof deck.

Your roofer may also clear your gutters while they are up there. If they notice that your roof, overall, is beginning to deteriorate, then they will likely recommend gutter guards. These fit over your gutters and will keep not only tile chunks but also leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters.

Gutters exist to protect your roof. If they get clogged with tile chunks, then they cannot do their job well. Reach out to a roofer in your area if you've noticed this issue. They can look over your roof and gutters and recommend the best path forward. 

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