3 Things To Discuss With Your Roofer About A Commercial Roof Replacement

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If the roof on your commercial building covers a lot of square footage, getting a roof replacement will be a big job that could take quite a while. Even the planning phase will take time. An important first step to take is when to start planning the work. A commercial roof replacement is often done with membrane roofing that needs to be installed in a specific temperature window, so you may need to start planning the work well in advance of cold weather. Here are other considerations involved with a commercial roof replacement to discuss with the roofer.

1. The Amount Of Water Damage That's Present 

The commercial roofer will probably check the inside of your building to look for signs the roof has been leaking. This gives them a clue about the condition of the roof. The roofer also has to check the surface of the roof for signs of water damage. This could entail doing things like taking a core sample of the roof that allows them to examine the insulation boards underneath the membrane for water damage. They might also do an infrared camera scan or use a moisture meter to detect water under the roofing.

Once the roofer has this information, they're ready to discuss your options. If the roof has a lot of water damage, the old roofing has to come off, but if there is minimal water damage, the new roofing can be put over the old roof.

2. The Number Of Repairs And Cleaning Needed

When the roofer does their inspection of your roof, they'll learn how many repairs need to be done before new roofing can be put on. This is important for you to know since a roof that needs a lot of repairs will take longer to complete than a roof that's in good shape.

The roofer may need to fix punctured holes and leaky seams. Once repairs are done, the roof needs to be cleaned. This entire process takes time and adds to the length of time needed to complete the roof replacement. This step is skipped if the old roof is coming off. In that case, the roofing crew clears off the old membrane and insulation boards down to the deck.

3. The Plan For Making Workspace

The commercial roofer will also discuss how to do the roof replacement so the crew has access to what they need and so your employees aren't disturbed. This is an important consideration if the project will take weeks to complete. The roofer needs to bring in heavy equipment for lifting supplies to the roof and for disposing of old roofing. This could require marking off space in your parking lot.

You'll also want to know how the roofer will handle weather delays, weekends, and holidays. A commercial roof replacement takes time so the work is done carefully, and the more you know about the process ahead of time, the easier it will be for you and your employees.

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