What Kind Of Damage Can Animals Cause To Your Roof?

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When you think about animal damage to your home, you probably imagine pests entering your house and causing damage to the interior. Unfortunately, animals can also wreak havoc on parts of your home's exterior, including its roof. You can't do much to stop these critters from attacking your home, but you must address the damage they cause to prevent further issues.

The first step to addressing roofing issues caused by animals is recognizing and understanding the types of animals likely to cause problems and the damage they can cause. This guide will provide a brief overview of what to look for on your roof and how to minimize the impact these critters can have on your home.

What Animals Are Most Likely to Damage Your Roof?

Rodents and birds are the two most significant threats to your roof, with squirrels being the most significant problem for many homeowners. Squirrels can easily make their way onto your roof, and they can cause a surprising amount of havoc once there. These cute and furry nuisances can pull on shingles, dig under flashing, or even try to gnaw their way into your attic.

Other rodents can also be a threat to your roof, including mice. While you might think of mice as ground creatures, they can climb onto your roof from trees or other relatively easy access points. Once on your shingles, these rodents can cause the same damage as squirrels, and they may even use roofing vents as an access point into your home.

Finally, birds can damage your roof, although they tend to be less of a concern. Birds are more likely to affect your roof when you notice large numbers congregating, as their droppings may wear away at your shingles. Birds that nest on your roof or gutters can also cause water drainage issues that can result in substantial problems in the future.

What Should You Do About These Problems?

Roofing damage tends to be an accelerating issue. In other words, minor damage can become a much more severe problem as water infiltrates below your shingles and rots out your roof decking. In every case, you're better off addressing roof damage sooner rather than later. Addressing animal damage is particularly important since these weak points can provide a way into your home for more pests.

If you've seen signs of animals congregating on your roof, you may want to consider hiring a roofer for a professional evaluation. A roofing service like Gerardo's Construction LLC  can examine your roof, look for telltale signs of animal damage, and recommend permanent repairs. These repairs will ensure your roofing damage doesn't lead to more problems while also helping to keep pests out of your attic.

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