When Is It Worth Paying More For Premium Shingles?

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How much do shingles cost? When you seek to find an answer to that question, you soon realize that there is a huge range in costs. Basic shingles can be substantially less expensive than premium shingles. So, that begs another question: when is it worth paying more for premium shingles? Here are some situations in which it is often worth paying a bit more for the better-quality option.

You have high winds in your area.

Standard, three-tab shingles are not the most wind-resistant roofing material. They are often not recommended in areas that get high winds, tropical storms, hurricanes, or blizzards. However, some premium shingles are made to withstand these conditions. They are heavier, sturdier, and attach to the roof more firmly. If you're leaning towards shingles in a windy area, buying wind-resistant shingles will save you from having to make countless repairs over the years.

You will have a hard time performing general maintenance.

Roofs do best with some maintenance. You need to keep your gutters clear, sweep extra leaves off, and keep an eye out for peeling shingles that need to be repaired. If you will have a hard time keeping up with this, perhaps because you have limited mobility or travel a lot, then you may want to opt for premium shingles. They do best with maintenance, too, of course, but they'll fare better if you neglect them now and then. Clogged gutters will have less of an impact, at least.

Your area is really wet.

Shingles are made to withstand the average rainfall. However, they don't always fare well if it rains a lot, day after day, for an entire season. This continued exposure to moisture can make algae and moss growth more likely, and it can cause standard shingles to peel. Premium shingles, such as architectural shingles, are more likely to hold up in these wet conditions. You may even be able to find shingles that are embedded with copper or zinc, which helps prevent moss and algae from growing on them. This can help them last a long longer in moist, shaded conditions. 

One reason shingles are so popular is that they come in many different varieties and at a range of price points. Sometimes, the cheaper option is perfectly okay. Other times, it is worth upgrading to premium shingles. Talk to a residential roof installation service  near you to learn more. They may have some specific brands they can recommend.

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