The Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Roofer Before You Hire Them

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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home or business, so you'll want to hire a professional roofer to install or repair it. But with so many options out there, how do you know which roofer is the right one for you? Before you hire anyone, no matter what situation you are in, you should always talk to them beforehand to see what they are like and what they can do to help your project succeed. Here are the top 3 questions you should ask your roofer before you hire them.

What Type Of Experience Do You Have?

Experience is an essential factor to consider when hiring a roofer. Ask how many years of experience they have and what types of roofs they've worked on. You want to work with someone who has experience with your specific type of roof and any issues that may arise during the installation or repair process. Most roofers will have quite a few years under their belt, and those that are newer will likely be working as apprentices or junior roofers to more experienced professionals. If you have a specific or unusual type of roof then make sure you ask your roofer if they have worked with this type of design before.

What Is Your Process?

Ask the roofer to walk you through their process, from the initial inspection to the final cleanup. Most good roofers should have a clear and organized process in place and be able to explain it to you in detail. This will give you a better idea of what to expect during the project and how long it will take. You can also compare different roofers who offer different estimates and maybe even ask why they take longer or shorter than others because there could be a very good reason that separates them from the pack. 

What Sort Of Warranty Do You Provide?

A warranty is a crucial aspect of any roofing job. It ensures that the roofer stands behind their work and will address any issues that may arise. Ask the roofer what type of warranty they offer and what it covers. Be sure to get any warranty information in writing and signed by the appropriate person in their company who has the authority to offer warranties. Most roofers offer quite comprehensive warranties, but it is just something to keep in mind when on the hunt for one.

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