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Shingle Me This: A Roof Blog Roofers have a tough job. They work at heights, carrying heavy shingles and nailing them to the roof's surface. In addition to working hard, roofers are also very knowledgeable. They can recommend the best roofing material to fit your budget and preferences, and they can make repairs, as needed, to ensure your roof continues to keep your home safe. There's a lot to learn about roofing. We are not professionals, but we consider ourselves to be well-informed, and we share the information we know on this website. As you read, you will learn more about roofing as a profession, and you may also pick up some roofing tips you can use on your own home.



A roofing contractor is a professional who has the education, training, and expertise to specialize in the care of roofs. Some of the tasks roofing contractors specialize in include the construction, inspection, repair, and replacement of roofs. If you are a homeowner, then knowing the reasons why you may want to call out a roofing contractor can help you keep your roof in the best shape possible. When kept in proper shape, the roof will look great, and it will also protect your home, belongings, and family from a number of threats. Here are some of the times when you might want to call a roofing contractor to come out:  

Have the roof inspected

Having your roof inspected is important because it lets you have the whole roof checked for problems. This includes the areas that commonly end up with issues, such as the flashing and edges of the roof. You should be having your roof inspected about once a year. Keep in mind, you should also have it inspected any other time you feel there may be cause for concern. This can include any time you feel there may be a repair issue or weakness, as well as times when serious storms pass through that might have left roof damages in their wake. Keep in mind, having a roofing contractor come out for an inspection also gives you another opportunity to ask them for advice and tips that can be helpful.

Have the roof repaired

As soon as you discover something wrong with your roof, a call to the roofing contractor should go out. You want to make sure they come to take care of the problems as quickly as they can. This can help to reduce the chances of roof damage causing other problems. For example, if there is a leak, and it's not fixed right away, the rain could come, and you can end up with water inside the house. 

Have the roof replaced

While having your roof replaced is an expense you won't look forward to, it does benefit you greatly to have it replaced before it has extensive damage. When you know the lifespan of your roof, it may be in your best interest to have the roofing contractor come out before that amount of time has lapsed and see if your roof is close to needing replacement. If so, then you may want to have it done soon. This ensures you have a roof you can count on.

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