3 Roof Repairs Your Old Metal Roof Could Need To Protect Your Home From Water Damage

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Even though a metal roof lasts a long time, you might need to have roof repairs done as the metal panels age. A metal roof needs to be inspected regularly even though it isn't damaged as easily as an asphalt shingle roof. Here are some roof repairs it may need.

1. Remove Or Patch Dents

If your roof has dents from an impact such as hail or a falling branch, a roofer might be able to pop the dents out. First, you'll need to talk to your insurance agent to see if they'll pay for a roof replacement due to widespread dents from a hailstorm. If not, your roofer may need to make repairs.

Dents can sometimes be popped out so they're not as noticeable. Dents that crack may need to be fixed with a metal patch. This involves cutting out the dent and then sealing a metal patch over the hole. If there are several dents on the same roofing panel, the roofer may just replace the entire panel and get rid of all the dents at once.

2. Remove Rust Before It Spreads

If you have your roof maintained properly with regular inspections, you probably won't have large rusty areas to worry about. Your roof might develop small rusty areas, and it's important to repair these before the rust spreads. Rust can't be covered; it has to be removed or it will keep spreading. Rust can be removed with a wire brush and vigorous scrubbing or with chemicals that dissolve the rust.

When the rust is gone, the roofer may apply a rust inhibitor and paint the bare metal to match the color of the roof. They may also apply a coating over the paint to protect the metal.

3. Give An Old Metal Roof A Longer Life

If your roof is old, it may have scratches, worn coating, and a few other types of minor damage that affect the appearance of the roof and increase the risk of rust and leaks. Rather than making individual roof repairs, the roofer might put a coating over the entire roof.

The coating goes on as a thick liquid that's brushed or rolled over the surface. Then it cures into a waterproof barrier that keeps rain out and protects your roof from further damage.

Keeping up with roof repairs on a metal roof protects your home from water damage. Talk to your roofer and get advice about how often your roof should be inspected for damage. You'll probably want it checked after a bad storm, and the roofer might suggest a schedule for routine checks so you don't have to worry about your roof having damage you don't know about.

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