3 Reasons Why It's Probably Best To Hire A Roofer For Major Roof Work

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If you're thinking about making major roof repairs yourself or even replacing your own roof, you may want to think again. While you might have the skills to do the job, you probably don't have the experience equal to a roofer who works on roofs every day, and that can make a difference in the quality of the finished work and your safety. Here's why you should let a roofing contractor do your roof work.

1. You'll Need To Pass A Roof Inspection

You'll need a permit to put on a new roof and to make major repairs. You can probably do minor repairs without a permit, but you'll need to find out from your city what they define as major and minor roof repairs. You'll also need to pass a roof inspection from the city.

An inspection is part of the permit process. If you don't put the roof on according to your local codes, then you'll have to tear it off and start over or hire a roofer to do the work in compliance with building codes.

Codes for roof installation aren't universal since some areas of the country have more severe weather than others. If you live where hurricanes can develop, the codes will probably be more stringent, and you'll need to know and follow them.

2. You Might Not Get Materials At Wholesale Prices

You might run into problems when you go to buy materials. Individuals have a hard time finding prices comparable to wholesale prices that a registered roofing company with a tax ID can find. You can look for roofing products on sale, but you may pay more for your shingles, underlayment, and supplies than if the materials are provided by a roofer.

Unless you just like the idea of putting on a roof and doing the work, it's a good idea to compare the prices of a DIY roof installation against hiring a roofer so you know exactly how much you'll save to see if it's worth it.

3. You Put Your Safety At Risk

Roofers get used to walking around on roofs all the time, so they make it look easy. Even so, roofers fall off occasionally and are injured or killed. You may need safety equipment if your roof has a steep slope. You'll also need to be careful about working too close to power lines or placing your ladder too close to the service mast on top of your roof that hooks up to the power lines.

Roofs can be slick too, especially on roofs with worn-out shingles or when the shingles are wet. You might be used to walking on the roof when you're checking for damage, but when you've been in the hot sun for hours and you're tired, you might get lax when it comes to safety, and that could result in an injury.

Plus, you need to consider how fast you can work. You probably won't be able to get a new roof on very fast by yourself, so you may ask friends to help and you'll be responsible for their safety too. For all these reasons, it could be best to let a roofing contractor do your major roof work and just tend to the quick minor repairs yourself.

For more information, contact a roofing contractor near you.

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