3 Signs That A Flat Roof Is Damaged

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Has the lingering odor of mildew in your home become too strong for you to deal with? Sometimes the cause of mildew is difficult to pinpoint, such as if it is the result of high humidity from a roof leak that is not obvious. One situation that might result in a roof leak that is not obvious is when a flat roof is damaged and has pooling water. The reason is that a flat roof does not have elevated areas like other roof types to make it easy to see damage from the ground. You can look for signs of damage to decide if it is time to hire a roofing contractor or not.

1. Signs of an Interior Water Leak

Other than the odor of mildew, there are a few other signs that could point to your flat roof having a water leak. A good sign of a leak is to notice discoloration on the walls or ceilings in your home. For example, if you walk around and notice that areas of the ceiling are not as white as other areas, a leak might be the cause. The spots can also be the result of mold growth, which could be more harmful to your health than mildew. Any sign of a roof leak should be considered serious and inspected by a roofer as soon as possible.

2. Panels That Are Displaced or Damaged

Metal roofs are often constructed using panels, which are an important aspect of the overall stability of the roof. For example, panels are not only a part of the aesthetic of a roof but are also important for protecting the roof deck. If you are not ready to hire a roofer, use a ladder to climb up and inspect the panels on your roof. If the panels are displaced or damaged, your roof will need a professional inspection and repair as soon as possible. Displaced and damaged panels can lead to rainwater getting trapped and deteriorating the roof deck.

3. Puddles of Water On the Roof

Pooling water is a common problem for flat roofs, and it is a serious problem. Pooling happens when rainwater accumulates because it cannot easily fall off as with sloped roofs. If water is pooling, the drainage system on your roof might need repair. Be aware that pooling water could lead to the roof sagging, leaking, or caving in.

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