What Influences Vinyl Siding Installation Project Cost?

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Vinyl siding offers countless benefits that can improve the function and appeal of any home. But home improvement installations require you to have pricing information at your fingertips. This means it is in your best interest to know everything that influences vinyl siding prices before you take the plunge.

This post will highlight four things that go into pricing vinyl siding installation.

1. Size

Vinyl siding professionals calculate their prices per square foot. But vinyl siding installation does not always mean you are getting installation services for your entire home. You may be getting a replacement for a damaged part of your home. The size of the space in question will affect the time, materials used, labor, and hence the final price of the installation. However, well-established vinyl installation companies are willing to offer discounts for big installation projects.

2. Design

How complex is your home design? Before quoting the price, the vinyl siding company will visit your home to know how many stories, gables, turrets, or eaves they will be dealing with. The more complex the design, the more labor, and material they will need to complete the project, which may raise the installation costs. For example, a vinyl siding installation for a bungalow home may be cheaper than a multi-story home.

3. Product Choices

One advantage of vinyl siding is that they are available in different architectural styles, colors, finishes, and thickness. However, different vinyl siding materials have different costs. For instance, if you decide to go with the insulated ones, you might pay a premium rate because they are thicker and may require more effort to transport and install. But whether you choose insulated or non-insulated vinyl siding, you say good goodbye to maintenance costs because they require no caulking or painting.

4. Condition of Your Old Siding

If you are seeking a replacement for your worn-out siding, the expert must remove the old siding before anything else. The time and labor needed for removal will influence the overall installation price. After removal, the vinyl siding installation company will inspect the condition of the underlying wood for damage. If any repair is needed to support the new installation, you can bet this also will influence the overall installation costs. However, repairing the underlying wood is essential since it will make your vinyl siding more attractive and stronger and prolongs its life.

Vinyl siding installation is a fabulous investment that adds beauty to your home and boosts its value. While the above factors can give a rough idea of the installation costs, the only way to know the actual vinyl siding project costs is to contact a vinyl siding installation company. Ask them how you can cut costs and achieve your dreams because you can never go wrong with vinyl siding. 

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