What Factors Impact How The Installation Of Your Roof Will Cost? Top 4 List

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If you have been plagued with roofing problems that do not seem to go away, you must be tired of booking appointments with roofers in your area. In this case, replacing your old roof structure with a new system might be prudent to avoid costly repairs. In addition, it is economically sensible to replace the entire rooftop instead of patching broken parts now and then. Even so, you are probably wondering how much the new roof installation project will cost. Of course, the project's cost will depend on its unique needs. Generally, here are the factors determining the roof replacement cost.

The Size

The cost of a new roof structure varies depending on its size. That means you'll have to dig deeper into your pocket if the roofing structure is expansive. That is because to cover a large area, you will require more roofing materials. A large roof installation also comes with high labor costs since it requires more people to carry out the task. On the contrary, the cost will be much lower if you are going to cover a small area.

The Roof Accessibility

Typically, the cost will be higher or lower depending on how easy the roofer can access the rooftop. For instance, the cost could be high if the contractor experiences a hard time accessing the rooftop. If the new roof is installed on a multi-story building, the task will require specialized equipment, which is an additional expense. But the cost is significantly lower for standard homes with an easy-to-reach rooftop.

Old Roof Removal

Removal of the existing shingles adds labor costs to the project. Besides, you do not want the contractor to leave the residue of the old roof in your home. Therefore, when budgeting for the new roof, you should consider the amount of money you'll use to haul away the debris left behind after the renovation. Naturally, the cost will vary depending not only on the size but also on the complexity of the project.

The Addition of Accessory Features

Of course, you should expect a higher installation cost if you incorporate extra features such as the dormer, chimney, or skylight in the budget. For instance, the cost could increase by a few dollars if you add a small chimney to your rooftop. Dormers are quite expensive, and if you wish to install them on the new roof, you will need to add several thousand dollars to your budget.

These are the top factors influencing the cost of a new roof system. And there is no better way to approximate the project cost of re-roofing than to get quotes from professional residential roofing contractors. In addition, getting quotes from several contractors for comparison purposes is advisable.

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