4 Roofing Options For Your Cabin

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If you're fixing up a cabin for a getaway home or to rent out as a vacation home, you'll want to compare options in roofing materials. Some roofs are more suitable than others for a cabin in a rustic setting. Plus, you want a roof you don't have to worry about when you're away for weeks at a time. Here are some good roofing options for a cabin.

1. Metal Is Durable And Attractive

Metal is a good choice for a cabin whether you have a small or a luxury cabin. You might want a copper roof for a luxury cabin or weathered steel that has rustic charm. Standing seam steel is a good choice for any type of cabin. You might want it in plain steel that's coated to prevent rust, or you might want a bright orange, red, or green roof that would make your cabin stand out in a wooded setting.

2. Cedar Shake Has A Traditional Look

If you don't mind the amount of maintenance you might have to do for a wood shake roof, you might choose cedar shakes. A wood shake roof gives your cabin a traditional look. Shakes are excellent roofing, but since they are made from wood, they can be damaged by pests and suffer from rot.

You'll need to inspect and repair the shakes frequently so they last a long time. Cedar shakes are also expensive, which might be a downfall if you have a tight budget.

3. Composite Roofing Looks Like Cedar Shakes

Another option to consider is composite shingles or shakes. These can be formed to look like cedar shakes so you get a traditional look for your roof that is more durable and resistant to damage. Synthetic cedar shakes are also a little less expensive than real wood shakes.

An advantage of composite shakes is that they don't oxidize and turn gray like real wood, so your roof stays looking like new. Since they're synthetic, they won't warp or rot, so they should need fewer repairs over their lifetime.

4. Asphalt Shingles Cost Less

Asphalt shingles may not be the most exciting roof for a cabin, but when it comes to being kind to your budget, they're winners. If you don't have a big budget for your roof, then asphalt shingles are a good choice. The shingles will still look good on your cabin, and you can choose the color that complements your property the best.

Any of these roofing options would be a good choice for a cabin in a wooded area, by a lake, or in a rustic setting. Your roofer can help you compare them so you understand the good and bad aspects of each type.

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