3 Benefits You Can Get From Replacing Your Current Roof With Cedar Shakes

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Though cedar shake roofs offer numerous benefits, they are less popular compared to asphalt shingle roofs. Most homeowners steer away from them because they cost a little more than other roofing systems. But as a prudent homeowner, you should look beyond the initial installation cost when looking for a roofing system. The best thing about cedar shakes is that they can serve you and help you maintain comfort in your home for many decades if well-maintained. Here are other benefits you stand to gain from installing cedar shakes.

They Offer Excellent Curbside Appeal

Everyone wants their home to be the most beautiful one in the neighborhood. But it can be hard to make your roof stand out if you install the same materials as everyone else. Luckily, it is possible to attain a distinctive look by installing cedar shakes. They come in a wide variety of tones and colors. You can also have the roof installation contractor customize your roof to the color and shapes that add timeless beauty to your home. The shakes have a uniform texture and straight wood grains, making them the ideal roofing material.

They Can Serve You for Many Decades

The other benefit to expect from quality cedar roofs is a long life. The roofing material withstands moisture, sunshine, dust, and wind excellently. Cedar is naturally water-resistant. Additionally, it does not erode as fast as asphalt shingles would. Therefore, your cedar roof will offer you decades of service without suffering significant damage. So cedar roofing is an excellent choice since it increases your home's overall longevity and value.

They Resist Bugs and Pests

Bugs and pests are a common source of trouble for many roofing materials. The roof's dampness attracts mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs and may become a nuisance in your home. If you live in a region that experiences high humidity or moisture throughout the year, you should consider cedar. Cedar roofs differ from their counterparts because the smell of the material is a natural bug repellant. That means your home can remain free from the bugs as long as you have a roof over your home. Both red and white cedar shingles give you the expected outcome when it comes to pest resistance.

As you can see, you stand to gain numerous benefits from replacing your current roofing material with cedar shakes. Therefore, consult a roofing contractor such as Burwell Construction inc and discuss the essential aspects of the roof replacement project.

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