Why Spring Is A Good Time To Schedule Your New Roof Installation

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If you're considering a new roof this year, having a new roof put on in the spring is a good way to start the year off right. You probably undertake many home and yard improvements in the spring, and if you have your new roof installed then, you can look forward to a more leisurely summer without any big projects looming over you. You can have a roof installation done any season, the only factor is that weather conditions have to be agreeable, but here's why spring is a good time to get a new roof.

Spring Weather Is Usually Pleasant

There might be frequent rains in the spring, but a roofer can work around those. The benefit of installing a roof in the spring is the mild weather. Shingles can't be applied in freezing weather, and working conditions aren't ideal when it's too cold.

Intense heat in the summer is also hard on roofing materials and the crew. However, spring has mild temperatures in the ideal range for the shingles and adhesives to install properly and for the crew to work efficiently.

A New Roof Might Help Reduce Summer Heat

If your old roof is worn out, it may not be very efficient at blocking heat transfer. If there's a problem with roof vents too, heat can build in the attic and possibly add heat to your home below. You might want to talk to your roofer about choosing new roofing shingles that are the most energy-efficient or that reflect the sun so your home stays cooler in the summer.

An energy-efficient roof combined with good attic ventilation and adequate attic insulation could make a difference in your summer comfort and cooling bills.

You'll Have A New Roof Going Into Winter

Winter is often a rough season for a roof, especially when the roof is old and at the end of its life. By installing your new roof before winter, you'll have time to observe the roofing materials to make sure there are no problems, and then you can have peace of mind your roof is ready to tackle another harsh winter.

It's possible for a new roof to sustain storm damage, but a new roof should provide many years of protection before you have to start worrying about old age making the roof prone to leaking. If your roof is already leaking, you'll want to schedule your roof installation no matter what the season. Roofers work all year, and while it's nice to choose the ideal time to get a new roof, such as in the spring, a leaky roof might force you to make other plans.

Reach out to a local roof installation service to learn more.

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