Get A Certified Roofer To Perform An Inspection Before You Buy A Home

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If you are planning to purchase a home, you cannot overlook the importance of getting a roof inspection. A home purchase is among the top major purchases that individuals make in a lifetime. Many homebuyers have limited funds available after they close on their homes. This is why it is ideal to get homes inspected and identify issues before making a decision to purchase. Sometimes homeowners get a general inspection and things like a roof that needs to be replaced or repaired could be missed. The following points identify why you should ensure that a roof inspection is performed on a home that you intend to buy.

Request Seller Make Repairs

Sometimes potential buyers do a walk-through and make requests for repairs. Most of the time these repair requests are minor and might include things such as repainting walls or extracting and replacing carpet. The repair list can also include roof repairs as long as they are detected. The issue is that sometimes the damage is undetected, and you cannot include something that you are unaware of, which is why a roof inspection is essential.

Negotiate Purchase Price

After discovering that there is roof damage, you might want to be responsible for the repairs or opt for a new roof when you close on the home. You could present the certified roof inspection to the seller and attempt to negotiate the selling price. Many sellers are eager to sell and get on with their lives. They might be willing to negotiate to avoid having to make any repairs themselves. 

Know What You Will Need to Do

A roof inspection can also be used as a tool to know in advance what you will need to do pertaining to the roof. It can prepare you even if there are not any repairs needed. You can get an idea of when you will need to get a roof replacement. You will also be able to know if there are other things that you need to do pertaining to the roofing system such as correct drainage or ventilation issues.

A certified roofer is a good resource to use to understand more reasons it is ideal to get a roof inspection before purchasing a home. They can also explain potential hidden damage that the seller may be unaware of. Even if a general home inspection gets performed, a roof inspection by a certified roofer is a specialized inspection that focuses solely on the roof. It is performed by a professional that is trained in roofing. Reach out to a local roofing company to learn more. 

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