Residential Roofing Services: Making Your Roof Last

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Making the roof over your head last a little longer can help you save for that rainy day when you have the money to get the job done right. Residential roofing services can help you extend the life of your roof when you don't quite have the money for big repairs. 

Here are just a few of the ways that residential roofing services professionals can help you make your roof last a few more seasons.


Winter can be hard on your roof.  From big temperature swings to freezing water and snow, winterizing your roof is essential, particularly when your roof is older. 

  • Gutters: When your gutters can't drain water efficiently, older roofs can fail. Before winter sets in, residential roofing services can make sure your gutters are functional and drain water effectively. For most residential roofs, this involves thoroughly cleaning out the gutters with a pressure wand and a little elbow grease. Once the gutters are complete cleaned out, your residential roofing professional can make sure that your gutters won't sag when loaded down with snow or frozen precipitation. Additionally, your residential roofing professional can slope your gutters to improve their efficiency.
  • Sealing and Patching: Older roofs show their age in subtle ways. From cracking seals to missing shingles, these small signs of wear can cause your roof to fail during the winter. Your residential roofing professional can make sure that your roof is waterproof and ready to handle another winter. 

Spring and Summer

Spring and summer can be just as tough on an older roof as a brutal winter. From torrential downpours to hail, wind, and blistering temperatures, your residential roofing services professional can help your older roof survive these seasons.

  • Treatment: Roofing shingles come pre-sprayed with anti-mildew and water wicking treatments. As your roofing shingles age, these treatments will dissipate, accelerating how quickly your roof deteriorates. Your residential roofing services professional can reapply anti-mildew, mold, and water wicking treatments efficiently. When applying these treatments, your residential roofing professional can apply extra treatment to the most vulnerable areas of your roof.
  • Nailed Down: The roofing nails that hold your shingles and flashing in place weaken as your roof ages. When the roofing nails weaken, your shingles and flashing can create lips and obstructers that trap water and debris on your roof. Your residential roofing professional can nail down your roofing shingles and flashing to make sure that everything is smooth and stable.  

Contact a residential roofing service for more information. 

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