Replacing Asphalt Shingles With Light Tile-Like Materials For A Premium Roof Design

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The asphalt shingles that are wearing out on your roof may need to be replaced soon. You may want to consider your home having something other than plain asphalt shingles. Tile roofs are a great option, but real stone, clay, and concrete materials may be too heavy. Today, modern stamped metal shingles, rubber tiles, and other roofing products can give you the look of tiles that you want to have. The following information can help you know some options when it comes to replacing your asphalt shingles:

Stamped metal for the look of tile

Stamped metal shingles can be a great option for a metal tile roof. These stamped roofing materials are ideal for decorative architectural roofing and many other features. The stamped roof tiles look a lot like roof tile materials and will enhance the appearance of your home when replacing asphalt shingles. These stamped metal roofing tiles are a great alternative to asphalt shingles and other metal roofing products. 

Lighter rubber roofing tile systems

There are also modern rubber roofing materials that can be used to create a tile roof. The rubber roofing tiles that are installed are green and environmentally-friendly because they are manufactured from rubber and plastic waste materials. In addition, installing a rubber roof can be a great way to improve the energy-efficient and durability of your roof.

Synthetic, lightweight composite tiles

Composite tiles also exist to provide you with the tile look you are looking for. Today, there are many different types of composite tile materials that are manufactured from different waste materials, including rubber, plastics, concrete, and mill operations. These materials are durable and environmentally-friendly, which makes them an ideal solution for your asphalt shingle replacement to give your home the look of tiles.

Synthetic slate and stone tile materials

Stone tiles like slate are another popular choice for roofing materials. These can be heavy too, which is why you may want to consider such alternatives. The synthetic slate tile roofing gives you many benefits, such as being green, lightweight, and affordable alternatives to real stone roofing materials. The synthetic slate materials look just like natural stone and do not require the renovations that real stone materials need to replace asphalt shingles.

These are things you will want to know about lightweight tile roofing to replace your old and worn asphalt shingles. Call a roofing contractor to ask about these lightweight solutions to replace shingles with an elegant tile roof.

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