Are Your Shingles In Bad Shape? Signs You Need A New Roof

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Are your shingles showing signs of wear and tear? If so, you need to have residential roofers come to your home and give you a new roof. A new roof can protect your home more readily than a damaged roof can, and new shingles can look better than your older, worn out and damaged shingles as well. At first glance it might look like your shingles are in great condition, but look closer by using a ladder—have someone spot you—and a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at your roof overall. Here are signs your shingles are in bad shape and need repairs. If you do need roofing repairs, have them done professionally for the best results. Do not attempt to do any roofing repairs on your own or you risk injury to yourself or your property.

Your shingles are varying colors

Unless you've had your shingles installed previously in a way that created a pattern or otherwise had multiple shades in your original shingles, uneven shingles can be a sign of roof damage. You might want to talk to your residential roofers about your roof if you have some dark spots in lighter shingles, which can be indicative of water or other type of damage, or if many of your darker shingles are now lighter, which can be a sign that the shingle materials are wearing down.

Your shingles are wavy

When your shingles are wavy or bubbled, they can crack and wear out faster than they might otherwise. Shingles should be straight and not curved, unless they were custom-cut in a certain shake or cottage-style design. Wavy, bent, curved, or bubbling shingles are older and need to be replaced before they wear out completely or fall off. You'll notice that shingles along the edges of your roof can be more worn out and misshapen than shingles that are higher up on your roof's construction.

Your shingles are hanging off or missing

If your roof is missing any shingles, which can be common in the peaked areas or the spots on your roof where your shingles meet up with your drain system, you should talk to your residential roofers about doing a re-roof on your rooftop or having your roof replaced. The sooner you address any roofing issues you have with your home, the better. A roof that isn't repaired when it's needed can cause more damage to your home than one that is fixed right away.

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