Insight On Roof Maintenance Areas For A Long-Lasting Roof

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The roof on your home is a big part of your home's exterior protection barrier against rain, snow, ice, wind, and sun. With a constant barrage of weather-related conditions on your roof, it is constantly aging and being pushed to its limits, which can require you to handle regular and ongoing inspections and repairs. Here are some areas you can maintain and repair on your roof for a long-lasting moisture barrier for your home.

Check Vent and Pipe Openings

In addition to shingles, your roof is also made up of a protection barrier around any openings that were installed for plumbing vent pipes, chimneys, attic ventilation openings, and heating vents. As these vents were installed, the roofer would have applied a rubber seal or metal flashing collar around the opening to seal any cracks around the installation and keep out water intrusion. However, over time these protection additions can become bent, broken, cracked, or damaged, and if they are rubber, they can harden in the weather, making them brittle and susceptible to cracking. 

Be sure you inspect these seals around all openings on your roof, especially if your roof is getting older in age. These areas on your roof can be a common place for moisture leaks to form. If you cannot do so on your own, hire a roofing contractor to check and repair them. Otherwise, you can use a roofing caulk cement product to fill in and seal any cracks or hole openings. If the flashing is damaged, you can also replace it and any weather-aged rubber seals with new ones. 

Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts

As another important roof maintenance task, you should watch out for your roof gutters getting clogged or damaged. The gutters can age and sag or pull away from your roof's edge, which causes a failure in their purpose when the rainwater falls on the ground below or backs up onto your roof. 

Keep your gutters cleaned out each year or more frequently by sweeping out leaves and other collected debris. This will make sure they stay free-flowing and don't lead to shingle damage. You should also watch your gutters in action to make sure they don't include any leaks from cracks or holes and that the downspouts divert the water properly from the roof. If your downspouts are not large enough, it can cause water to back up and spill off your roof.

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