Architectural Metal Roofing: A Look At The Questions To Ask Before Installation

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With a unique appearance and a lot to offer in the way of protection for your home, architectural metal roofing is a good choice for most homeowners. Here are a few questions to ask your chosen roofer as you make decisions about the best architectural roofing panels. 

Will the type of architectural panels you are considering be harder to maintain?

Even though metal roofing, in general, is relatively easy to maintain and really requires little attention, some architectural designs can need a little more maintenance. For example, a style with a lot of creases and ridges can be more prone to issues with moss formation, which means the roof may need to be cleaned periodically to maintain its appearance and to thwart problems with deterioration at corners and bends. Make sure you talk to the roofing contractor about the styles you have in mind and ensure they coincide with the level of maintenance you wish to provide for your roof over the years. 

Are there similar options that are going to be cheaper and offer the same level of quality?

Architectural sheet metal designs are pretty abundant these days because it is such a popular option. Therefore, you can find a lot of similar designs from one manufacturer to the next, but there can be pretty dramatic price differences between roofing material manufacturers. When you find a style that you like, allow the roofing contractor to help you look at similar options that may be available from different providers. You may just find an architectural roofing supply that has similar characteristics for a better price. 

Will the roofing materials have a warranty and how long will the roofing last?

A warranty on professionally installed roofing materials is a major thing to ask about before the installation of the materials. Some manufacturers offer a lengthy warranty because the materials can last for decades if it is installed correctly. The reason this is important to ask about when you have architectural roofing in mind is the fact that the style and design of the roof can have a direct effect on both the warranty and the life span of the materials. 

Does the roofing you have in mind coincide with the design of your home?

Architectural sheet metal has this notorious ability to totally transform the outward appearance of a home. The design elements like deep ridges, profound seams, or stamped designs can really make a difference. Therefore, you do have to be careful about the design you pick because it needs to coincide with the rest of the exterior home elements. Your roofer has enough experience to help you make good decisions about what you pick.

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