Benefits of Choosing Clay Tile Roofing and How to Care for Your New Roof

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A tile roof could be the perfect match for your home. Tile is decorative and adds a bit of luxury and durability to your property. Here are some benefits of tile roofing to consider and some care tips for helping your roof have a long life.

1. Why Clay Tile Roofing Is a Good Choice

Clay tiles can have a long life because they don't rot and they don't attract insects, so they don't deteriorate as quickly as some other types of roofing. Plus, clay tiles are attached to your roof securely using a method required by local codes. This allows them to stand up to high winds, and they also tolerate sun exposure well. Clay tiles cost more than some other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, but they have a much longer life so they might cost you less over the life of your roof.

2. How to Care for a Clay Tile Roof

One important aspect of owning a tile roof is knowing how to walk on it without cracking the tiles. If you step on the humped portion that doesn't have support under the tile, you could crack the tile and then need to have roof repairs done. The only other damage you have to worry about is the impact of storms. You'll want to check your roof after a bad storm if it caused massive hail or falling branches so you can have cracks repaired if necessary.

Tile roofing can be repaired by sealing cracks or pulling out the old tiles and putting in new ones. You might even find reclaimed old tiles that are a close match to the color of your aged tiles so new tiles won't be a color mismatch. At some point, decades in the future, the tiles may need to be taken off so the underlayment and roof flashing can be replaced. The underlayment and flashing will wear out before the tile, and they might need to be replaced, but the roofer can put your old tiles back on if they're still in good shape.

Another type of maintenance you may need to do is clean the roof. This may need to be done if the roof grows algae and develops black stains or if moss or other plants start growing on the roof. Clay tiles can be soft washed or pressure washed on low pressure to keep the tiles clean and attractive.

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