Are Ceramic Roofing Tiles A Good Option For Your Home?

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Tile roofing comes in a lot of varieties. You can go with something like clay tile and achieve a sturdy, traditional roof. You could opt for slate tile and have a natural, heavy roof for your home. Or, you could go with something like modern ceramic roofing and enjoy a host of advantages. Even though ceramic roofing tiles are not quite as common as some of the other forms of tile roofing, this material is often a good choice. Take a look at just a few of the common advantages of ceramic tile roofing for your home.

Ceramic roofing tiles come in an array of different colors.

One thing most homeowners can really appreciate about ceramic tile roofing materials is the fact that the tile gives you so many different color options. If you go with something like clay roofing tile, most of the materials are a terracotta hue or have slight variances from that tone. Since ceramic roofing tiles can have enamel added, various color options can be created using pigmented enamels and ceramic additives. If you want to go with a bright red roof, a light gray roof, or a pale blue roof, these colors can be achieved by working with the manufacturer.

Ceramic roofing tiles have an enamel finish that thwarts issues with moss. 

Moss growth can be a big problem with some types of tile roofing, especially on the sides of the roof that do not get a lot of sunlight and if you have some kind of hard-surface tile materials. Ceramic tiles can have a smooth enameled finish, which does not give moss anything to adhere to in order to grow. Therefore, it is not common for ceramic tile roofing to have issues with moss development, and even if moss does develop, it is not something that is difficult to remove with the help of a roofing repair contractor. 

Ceramic roofing tiles can be formed in many different shapes. 

If you like the idea of architectural-style roofing with more depth and dimension, ceramic roofing is definitely a material to speak to the roofing service provider about. Ceramic tiles can be shaped and formed in all kinds of different ways. If you like a shingled look that mimics something like wooden shakes, it is a possibility. If you prefer a more pronounced wavy look, these textured waves can be achieved with ceramic tiles. 

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