Why One Side Of Your Home's Roof Wears Out Faster Than The Other And How To Handle The Problem

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If one side of your roof is showing signs of wear, but the other side is in good shape, you may wonder how to handle the problem. You may not want to invest in a new roof on the good side, but you don't want to leave deteriorated shingles on the bad side or they might start leaking. Here's why this problem develops and what to do about it.

Why One Side Of A Roof Can Deteriorate Faster

Asphalt shingles naturally degrade with age and exposure to UV rays. The south side of your roof faces the sun for more hours each day, so it will often wear out faster than the north side that's in partial shade most of the day. Also, if your attic has poor ventilation and heats up the roof, that can contribute to faster aging.

What To Do About A Roof With One Bad Side

Your roofer will explain your options when it comes to a roof replacement. If the south side of your roof has deteriorated, the shingles should be replaced before the roof starts leaking. The question is what to do about the north side that still has good shingles. Consider the age of your roof. If it is at the end of its life, it's probably a good idea to have the entire roof replaced.

If the north side of your roof still has several years of life left as determined by your roofer, then you may want to only have the shingles on the south side replaced. However, you should realize you'll spend more by delaying the full job.

While you won't spend as much by having part of your roof replaced initially, you'll spend more when you add up the cost of replacing the roof in stages because you have to factor in costs like renting a dumpster each time, renting a crane each time to lift the shingles to the roof, and the savings you'll lose by buying small batches of roofing each time.

How To Prevent The Problem In The Future

If you decide to replace your entire roof, you'll probably want to know how to prevent the problem in the future so your roof wears out at the same rate. One thing to check is the attic ventilation. If it needs to be improved, the roofer can add vents when installing the new roof.

Also, consider upgrading the asphalt shingles to a higher grade that can better withstand long-term sun exposure. You may even want to try a different type of residential roofing, such as metal, that won't be affected as much by the sun.

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