Understanding the Benefits of Commercial Roof Repair Versus Replacement

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As a business owner, dealing with your property expenses can be difficult. This is especially true if you are facing the potential of a roofing repair or replacement. Before you make the decision to replace your building's roof, you should understand why repair is a better option when it's possible. Here are several of the reasons why you should opt for roofing repair over replacement when you can.


When you're worried about your company's environmental footprint, opting for repair is always better than replacement. When you replace your roof, you're adding more waste to the environment in the form of your current roof's materials. You're also increasing the fossil fuel demand by installing new roofing material that must be manufactured.

Opting to have your roof repaired instead can eliminate that added waste as well as the need for manufacturing enough materials to replace an entire roof. Before you make the decision to just replace the entire roof, consider your company's effect on the environment and determine whether or not the damage could be repaired instead.

Cost Savings

Another great reason to consider roofing repair instead of replacement is the affordability of the repairs. Installing new roofing material costs more per square foot than what repairs would cost you. Since repairs and replacement both include the cost of materials and labor, you'll save money when you opt for repairs.

Roofing repair requires far less in terms of materials and time, which is where you recognize the cost savings. This is important when your company is trying to maintain a bottom line and reduce expenditures. Repairing the roof may allow you to extend the roof's lifespan long enough for your business to make room in the capital expenditure budget for the future replacement.

Tax Deductions

For business owners, roofing repair is always better for your tax situation than a full roof replacement. Replacements often fall under capital expenditure budgets and must be depreciated, while repairs are usually considered maintenance and can be classified as a tax deduction

When your company itemizes deductions at tax time, that repair cost savings on your taxes could be significant. This is recognized all at once versus a depreciation recognition, which is spread out over the usable life of the roof.

These are some of the many reasons why business owners should consider investing in roofing repair instead of replacement when there are roofing problems in the building. Talk with a roof repair company near you today for more information. 

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