Roof Inspections, Repairs, And Replacement: Identifying The Common Problems With Leaks, Wear, And Knowing Whether You Need Repai

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Doing an annual inspection of your roof is a great way to identify problems that can lead to costly repairs and a roof replacement sooner than you expected. You want to know which areas of your roof are more vulnerable to leaks, wear, and damage that can be costly, and the signs of wear that mean it is time to replace old shingles. The following tips will help you identify the common roof problems that cause leaks, wear, and costly repairs before it is time for a replacement: 

Problems With Storm Damage and Shingle Wear Causing Leaks and Water Damage to Your Home  

While your shingles are designed to last for years before they need to be replaced, they are still vulnerable to problems like storm and wind damage. If there are leaks, one of the first things you want to check for is signs of damaged or missing shingles causing the leaks. Sometimes, minor repairs can solve the problem, but if there is extensive and widespread damage, you may want to talk to a roofing service about having the shingles replaced.  

The Penetrations of Roof Vents, Skylights, and Other Installations That Wear and Develop Leaks  

The most vulnerable areas of your roof for leaks to develop are areas where there are penetrations, such as mechanical vents or where you have a skylight installed. Check these areas for signs of leaks and water damage regularly to have repairs done before a small problem turns into a bigger problem with water damage that can be costlier to repair.  

Worn Flashing and Seals That Are Often Where Leaks Start and Where Wear Is More Likely on Your Roof  

There are areas of your roof where different types of flashing and seals are used to keep water out, such as where different roof slopes meet or the roof meets walls. These are some of the areas of your roof that are most vulnerable to damage and you will want to check these areas for leaks when you do an inspection. Often, if the flashing and other materials on the roof are showing signs of wear, it is a sign that the shingles are worn too and will soon need to be replaced.  

Problems That Develop at the Eaves and Around Chimneys That Lead to Serious Water Damage Inside Your Home  

Sometimes, the problems with leaks on your roof start at the eaves due to issues like tree debris and ice damage. These problems cause excessive wear of the roofing materials, and eventually, leaks will develop and can go unnoticed until they lead to serious water damage. Reinforcing the eaves with a special ice barrier membrane can help prevent this damage. In addition, the chimney may also leak, which can be due to the flashing around it or due to problems with the brick or cap. A roofing contractor can repair problems with the flashing and roof around the chimney, but a masonry or chimney repair service will have to do the other repairs that may be needed.  

Identifying potential problems and repairing damage before it gets worse will help ensure roofing lasts longer. If you need help with repairs or a replacement, contact a roofing service like Earl Hayes Roofing & Remodeling to ensure leaks and wear do not lead to serious damage to your home.  

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